Tasha  Cooper

T.H.E. iLove Me Leave Legacy Retreat Experience connected me to parts of my soul that had not been felt in a while because I was so busy being a wife and a mom. It allowed me to focus on “me” for just one weekend. In turn, it actually helped me to be a better wife and mother. Additionally, I went to the retreat with my sister which made it extra special. Thank you Wendy for a powerful and spiritual weekend.



Thank you Wendy for giving me the opportunity to Experience T.H.E. iLove Me Leave Legacy Retreat Experience 2016. I learned to enrich my body and soul. I was happy to be there with good company. Can’t wait to attend the next retreat…❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love ya!!!


Rosa Parra-Reyes

T.H.E. iLove Me Leave Legacy Retreat Experience was a truly a blessing.  I was able to leave with a new perspective on what legacy really meant, it doesn’t mean money.  It means being remembered by living out your life in such a way that your life will make an impact on the lives of your loved ones and those of whom you touched.  I look forward to attending future retreats.  Thanks Wendy!


Porsche George

Attending T.H.E. LIVE event was a great experience because it helped me to realize that you can have fun while working out and take care of your physical body at the same time. T.H.E. iLove Me Leave Legacy Retreat Experience was amazing, I had never attended something like this and had no clue what to expect. The retreat was filled with so many insightful moments that helped me to put my life in perspective and really bring that sense of awareness in areas that were being neglected. I would recommend any of T.H.E. iLove Me events to anyone. Can’t wait until the next one 😍😍😍


Jamie Allred

I would like to thank Wendy for all her dedication to making T.H.E. iLove Me experiences in 2016 so memorable. Paint T.H.E. Face iLove was a fun night sharing with a group of wonderful ladies our inner creative talents. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and paint my own masterpiece.  Every detail of the evening was perfection by Wendy, from the decorations, food, desserts, wonderful company, painting experience & photo ops.  I am ready to create my 2017 masterpiece.

It also was a pleasure to be part of the team and a participant in T.H.E. iLove Me Leave Legacy Retreat Experience. As a Team member I was able to educate other women on the importance of taking care of our bodies through good health & nutrition. We shared how just changing 1 or 2 habits in our daily nutritional  routine could bring about a healthier you. The weekend was a safe environment that allowed sharing of our inner most life experiences that had us laughing, crying and giving each other positive affirmations to help heal the soul.  I came away with a lighter heart and filled with inner peace & joy.  God Bless you Wendy for allowing God to work through you to bring comfort to so many.  You are a GIFT!!!