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T.H.E. “My Warrior Life” Spiritual Warrior





My Warrior Life…
Strong, ambitious, wife, mother, educator, pastor, and perfectly imperfect. I am a Wonder Woman and I choose to live in faith.. It’s My Warrior Life!


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A little about Tamika:


Pastor Tamika Casey is a God fearing woman that loves the Lord and is called by God to uplift and encourage
the people of God to have New Life! She strives to live, move and have her being in Christ and lead others into
experiencing New Life with Jesus the Christ!



Honoring God Through a Spiritual Legacy


Deuteronomy 6:1-9 6 These are the commands, decrees and laws the Lord your God directed me to teach

you to observe in the land that you are crossing the Jordan to possess,

2 so that you, your children and their children after them may fear the Lord your God as long as you live by

keeping all his decrees and commands that I give you, and so that you may enjoy long life.

3 Hear, Israel, and be careful to obey so that it may go well with you and that you may increase greatly in a

land flowing with milk and honey, just as the Lord, the God of your ancestors, promised you.

4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.

5 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts.

7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road,

when you lie down and when you get up.

8 Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.

9 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.


To leave a spiritual legacy you have to first start with you. The best way to prove to your children and others the value and relevance of faith in Christ is to be a living demonstration of that truth. Having three daughters at a young age back to back, I could not compartmentalize my faith or allow my priorities to get out of whack, or they’d “learn” that Christ really isn’t all that important. Instead I had to make Christ central in my life, and diligently foster my relationship with Him and imbed God’s Word in my heart, so they’d learn that life is all about Jesus. So, don’t be afraid to live your faith in front of your kids – all the abundant, exciting, trying, and messy parts. Don’t sugar coat life. Don’t live life behind a mask. They’ll see your faith is real. Authentic. Relevant. To leave a spiritual legacy you have to give them God’s word – In time where so many teens and young adults are so skeptical of the Bible, this is important. Many young adults believe the Bible is just a book written by men full of stories and advice. We can stop this growing trend by teaching our children to know and love God’s Word. We must be purposeful. We cannot leave it to chance. Make a plan. – We may not have done it daily, but when the girls were young, we would have family devotions, read Bible stories at bedtime, play worship music that comes straight from Scripture. You could develop a family scripture memory program. We taught our daughters biblical principles to live by like truth, excellence, servant-hood, courage, determination, and character. So, instill God’s truth in their hearts any way you can! And “as you walk along the road,” shine God’s Word on all the daily circumstances of their lives. When my girls accomplished something great or small we intentionally helped them make the connection to scripture or biblical principle. When they failed, or felt as though they failed at something we intentionally helped them make the connection to scripture or biblical principles. To leave a spiritual legacy you have to tell your family’s stories – Share the stories that tell of God’s miraculous activity around you and of His faithfulness to you and your family. Early on I shared my struggle of being born to a drug addicted mother and not knowing who my father was. I told of my failures and triumphs. I want them to know the same resilience God gave me, is flowing in them. The same grace and mercy that was afforded me, is available to them. Weave the stories into the fabric of your family history. Don’t let yourself or your children forget! To leave a spiritual legacy you have to stand firm in shaky times -Trials not only work our faith, they can also prove how our faith works. If you make the truth of God’s Word the bedrock for your life, when difficulty comes you will stand firm. An unshakeable faith in shaky times is the most effective testimony you can give your children and those you have influence over.

To my Warrior Women out there, you will impact the next generation.

Will it be a positive or negative impact?

What kind of legacy will you leave?

What are you doing right now with your family and those you love to instill faith in Christ in them?

What are you doing to leave a spiritual legacy?

Be intentional!


In faith,




Stay Tuned…

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Meet Patrice Cavitt

 T.H.E. “My Warrior Life” Finance & Marketing Warrior


 “My Praise. My Page. My Purpose…

My Warrior Life”


Who Am I?

I’m a “multipotentialite (Emilie Wapnick)”
I enjoy doing many things. I believe in the
lifelong exchange of ideas and opportunity.
I’m creative and intense, yet disciplined and structured. I’m adaptable but
consistent enough to just believe
I can do anything.

Why I Am A Warrior Woman?

I have a heart for triumph!
I believe in bringing a level of intensity
to life that requires a response.
I see myself as a pivot player
who can move and adapt to the
people and the places my purpose encounters.
I am a learner, leader, leverager, and believer…
I am a Warrior Woman!

Where Am I on My Journey?

I am choosing to be happy & to live free!

Warrior Woman of the Week

Guest Blogger: Rojeania Godsey-Erb

My Journey

It was a summer day in 1992. I was lying around watching MTV. They still played music videos then. I’d already flunked out of college. There are a million reasons why that happened–too much partying, lack of direction, and lack of support. Mostly it was because I had no foundation to speak of but I didn’t know that then. I just thought I was a loser…stupid…too dumb to go to college.
I’d already started working on Plan B, which was to join the military. I knew I needed to be self-sufficient.
Problem was, the military wheel can turn slowly and nothing was happening fast enough for me.
The waiting left me with way too much time to ruminate on all those negative thoughts. Feeling so badly about myself made me really depressed. I had decided I couldn’t live anymore. What was the point? I didn’t seem to mean anything to anyone and I sure wasn’t going to be able to accomplish anything. My life was pretty grim. I started plotting. I knew I didn’t want my mom to find my body but she needed some sense of closure. She hadn’t been the greatest mom but I couldn’t imagine doing that to her.
I knew she’d be upset even with closure, but I rationalized that she’d get over it.
 I ran through various scenarios in my head until I settled on one. I thought it might be hard to follow through but I didn’t feel like I had any other option. I figured out how I would do it and where I would do it. It was just the when I was struggling with. Just about that time something on the television caught my eye. A woman with bright red hair was rolling around in this box barely big enough for her.
I turned up the volume and sat mesmerized. Her voice was amazing and she was singing lyrics that really spoke to me. She was describing everything I was feeling or had felt.
 As the video was ending, I grabbed a pen and jotted down her name. In that moment I decided I couldn’t die until I heard absolutely everything she had to say. I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s the exact moment I began to heal.
 I guess it was good I lived in a tiny little town with no record store. The internet didn’t exist yet so that wasn’t a possibility. I looked everywhere I could think of and I could not find her album anywhere. I refused to give up. Occasionally I would catch myself humming the chorus of the song, which only reminded me to keep looking.
 Soon summer turned to fall and fall to winter.
I was called to enlist and had to leave immediately. I went through basic training, tech school, and then got sent to my permanent station. It was a few months later before I ran across the album. It did not disappoint. Every song on that album spoke to me as if it was written just for me. My life had already gotten better. I was self-sufficient, I had some support, and my confidence was growing every day. Listening to that album was like tearing open wounds I refused to acknowledge, and slowly, they began to heal.
I learned something from that experience. The smallest action or expression can make a huge difference to someone. I share credit for saving my life with the musician who made the music and with myself for being open to it.
 In case you’re wondering, I didn’t stay in the military.
I got out, did some other stuff, and finally went back to school. I completed a Bachelor’s and a Master’s and graduated at the top of my class for both degrees.
I built my foundation from a song. Now I teach other people how to build their own foundations so I’d say things have pretty well come full circle.
The song that changed it all for me
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Facebook: @holdingspacecounseling


Twitter: @holding_space_



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Meet Taylor Gordon





T.H.E. “My Warrior Life”

Holistic Health Warrior


(@divinely wholesome)
Twitter: @thetaylorg_


 “My Warrior Life is as a vessel, 

finding the balance between

 holding space for myself & 

others, and assisting other 

warriors along their 

journey towards trusting 

their bodies and 

stepping into their power”





A little about Taylor:


My name is Taylor Gordon and I am a vocalist and a Holistic Health Coach. I am an artist using my lyrics as a healing agent, drawing awareness around our consciousness and our behaviors in wellness. I am a warrior woman because I have taken my fight for my health and turned it into my passion; finding strength in a greater purpose, realizing that everything that took place happened for me not to me.  








My Health is My Wealth!


When you hear this statement what comes to mind? How does It register? What do you think about ?
I think about longterm wellness, not just isolated or concentrated times of “being healthy”.

When I hear the word ‘wealth’ by itself, not related in any way to our health I think, money (as i’m sure most of us would) but isn’t there a difference between being “rich” and being “wealthy” YES! AND! Isn’t there more to wealth than just financial freedom? We can be wealthy in many ways, from family, to friends, to our career and most importantly in our health; because without it none of the other facets of life are able to be fully enjoyed!

You can have all of the money in the world, but without your health, where does that leave you!

My Health is My Wealth! It is where my freedom lies, it is where my movement lies, it is where fun and enjoyment of life can spring from. It is our duty, to take care of the bodies that we have been given and to fuel them with the best. We are in control of setting ourselves up for success, physically, mentally and spiritually; and we must take advantage of that opportunity.

Once we have been given the tools, it is our job to put them in place. I want to encourage you to do just that.

I wasn’t always on this path, I spent about 10 years trying to figure out what my body was telling me. Excruciating pain from the age of 13, Headaches, migraines, back and joint pain that was at times debilitating, there was a time when I was simply existing, I was not truly living. I spent about 4 of those 10 years not being able to digest any food, my body would reject it in a very painful manor; therefore I resorted to not eating, I thought I had trained my brain and body to not need food in order to get by. Multiple viruses, not a day that went by without being in pain, mental strain that was unexplainable  – Existing, hanging on by the grace of God, but still just existing.

I didn’t have the tools or the knowledge behind them in order to truly live my best life! In all honesty, I had no idea what I was doing! Until I did!

After finding holistic, homeopathic medicine, healing whole foods and a lifestyle that transformed my body in its entirety, I realized that I had the control to make my health my wealth ! My health was my legacy, it was the thing that I would be able to pass on from generation to generation. The knowledge that I’ve acquired is more than just temporary riches, it is a lifetime of wealth that will not fade; it will be able to sustain not only myself, but my family, friends, strangers and whomever comes after me.

When you think of wealth, think beyond your finances. Creating wealth is something that we as people place so much importance on, financial freedom is the goal, but what are you going to do with that financial freedom if you cannot live to truly enjoy it and enjoy the people that you have created this life for.

What can you do to transform your life, what steps can you take to make sure that your legacy goes beyond your monetary value, to make sure that the tools that you have relating to your health and wellness are passed down forever.

Remember, you are Divinely Whole , continue to show up for yourself, as you need you the most!


Taylor G
Holistic Health Coach – Divinely Wholesome

Stay Tuned…

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Patrice Cavitt and Warrior Woman of the Week,

guest blogger: Rojeania Godsy-Erb

Be Blessed,



Meet Jai Cook





T.H.E. “My Warrior Life” Beauty Warrior





(@Jai Cook)



“My warrior life is freedom from being held back of my full potential because of tragedy, heartache, depression and grief. My warrior life is choosing to show the world how I became a beautiful butterfly”




A little about Jai:


I am a single mother who stands  boldly in the life and destiny that God has ordained for me. I am a warrior woman because of the things that hold me together, its not through hearing about life, its the things I have experienced in order to tell someone else how to overcome the struggle.  I want to share with women of all ages how to take your pain and express it through beauty.




I Am Not A Victim


By: Janisha Cook


“Strong women don’t make themselves look pitiful, & don’t point fingers. They stand & they deal”. –Mandy Hale-


Depression is the number one cause for women to think less of themselves and feel as if people are judging them. Ladies it is time for us to change. We are strong because of we are: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and granddaughters. Life will always take turns and build hills, but it is up to you to get over them and knock them down.  As a young woman, I have experienced many difficulties, some at the hands of friends but mainly by those that were closest to me. It is amazing how people do not want to see you prosper in life; yet constantly speak on the things they think you should do. Have you ever wondered what your purpose was here on earth or why people with issues continue to come into your life? After three suicide attempts, my daughter’s father trying to take her away and having high anxiety, life became overwhelming; yet I have made the decision that I am not a victim, and never will I be again! Depression, suicidal thoughts, unhappiness, and anxiety will no longer have control over me. With time I have been able to overcome my struggles and I have grown to love myself more. I have learned to look life in the face and say, “I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.” I now believe that focusing on my well-being has lead to self- healing and in turn I now make self-care a priority. Depression was the main downfall in my life. Now that I am growing and finding different things that make me happy and make me smile, depression will no longer keep me as a victim. I am strong, wise and Gods most precious gift. I am not a victim! I Am NOT a victim! I have defined beauty as being myself and standing in my own light. It doesn’t matter how people perceive me, its all about what makes me happy. Whether it be my colorful clothes, my sketchy; yet fashionable shoes, the way I wear my bright makeup or the 150 plus tattoos that I have all over my body. All that matters is that each piece of my life is expressed through these things, and that the way I carry myself represents the beauty that I am! In return, loving me first has allowed me to stand stronger and be more confident, as I continue to strive towards being the best version of me, no matter what circumstance that may come my way.


Stay Tuned…

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Be Blessed,






Allow Me To Introduce




T.H.E. iLove Me Experience’s “My Warrior Life” is dedicated to supporting, inspiring, spotlighting and uplifting women of all ages.



“My Warrior Life” is a space where women come to be inspired, supported, uplifted and celebrated, in an environment that promotes growth, self-love and JOY. “My Warrior Life” is a movement born from T.H.E. iLove Me Experience, which creates opportunities for women to “Break & Breathe”,  while being in the midst of other women looking to take a moment for themselves in order to replenish their tanks, championing with and for one another. Warrior Women know they’re worthy of JOY and their decision to grow reflects their desire to Live Loved.


T.H.E. Purpose:

“My Warrior Life” highlights the importance of unity, community, communication and self-care.  And was launched to assist women as they journey through this Life, Choosing to:
*Proclaim their BRILLIANCE
*Triumph Over Tragedy, Trials & Tribulations #InSpiteOf what they may come up against.



Networking, Support & Opportunities for Growth (both professionally & personally)


Wendy Whitmore

Founding Warrior

Facebook Group Page:


Truth, Healing & Evolution Counseling Services :


Truth, Healing & Evolution Counseling Services Facebook Page:


Wendy’s Facebook Page:


“As a woman who is a daughter, wife, mother, coach and professional therapist: I am wonder woman and I choose to live loved…it’s My Warrior Life!”

Wendy’s Why:

I am a community driven, compassionate, conversationalist that encourages women to be secure in the skin they’re in, while embracing their brand of professionalism; with the mantra being that “Warrior Wonder” women make it all happen, on their terms, embracing their true selves, flaws and all.
It is my goal to meet women where they are on their personal journey of self love and through this connection together we will


The Best Parts of You!


Your inner strength, compassion, confidence, & integrity.


Your Warrior Life and your decision to live loved!



Stay Tuned…

Each week a new member of T.H.E. My Warrior Life Team will be introduced along with our featured Warrior Woman’s story.


Be Blessed,



My Inspiration

  I Am A Warrior Wonder Woman


by Wendy Whitmore Founding Warrior

You have been bestowed, for such a time as this, go through and go forth in LOVE –
Patrice Cavitt Marketing and Finance Warrior


Because of them I am. At soon to be 38 years of age I can honestly say that I am a VERY blessed woman. The women in my life are simply amazing and push me to soar higher then I ever imagined I could go. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that the sky was not my limit, yes you read right, the sky is not my limit. I am limitless, my talent is limitless, my goals grow more vast, my reach is ever changing, my desires to “Reach One Teach One” grows stronger, and there is no limit to what I can accomplish. I have seen the impossible accomplished and the unthinkable slayed.




My mother is thee epitome of strength, and yes I know there are so many other children that feel this way about their mothers as well, AND they should. For many of us our mothers are our cheerleaders, voices of reason and the reason we have been able to strive and soar. For me, my mother is the reason that I am able to stand tall when the world attempts to cut me down. My mother even when she didn’t have it to give, found a way to make ALL things possible for me to achieve the goal at hand. It has always been her dream that I achieve far more than she did, and so each day I rise with the mentality that I Am A Woman destined for greatness, because I am the daughter of Ruth Jackson-Ward.




And just as I am the daughter of Ruth Jackson-Ward, my mother is the daughter of Ruthie Mae Jackson, and it has been my grandmothers love, guidance and wisdom that has been passed down from her to my mother and on to me. Over the last 95 years my grandmother survived and overcome what many would have succumbed to. My mother is one of 12 and I am one of over 90 grand & great grand children. My grandmothers dedication to her children and grandchildren is like no other. She has taught me how to love hard and live life to the fullest. Over a decade ago at 84 years old she survived open heart surgery and bounced back stronger than ever. And in her early 90’s she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has beat that as well. With each year that God blesses me to celebrate yet another birthday with her I am truly honored that God chose her to be my grandmother.

I am my mothers and my grandmothers legacy, made in their image and filled with their wisdom, compassion and resilience. God blessed them with the ability to stand strong in the face of adversity and love in a way that radiates and reflects all around them. Words cannot express how proud I am to be the daughter of Ruth Jackson-Ward and grand-daughter of Ruthie Mae Jackson.

#StayInLove #StayInFaith #StayVictorious

Calling All My Warrior Wonder Women


‘Fill Your Life With People and Experiences That Bring You JOY & You’ll Never Worry About Being Happy Again”
Wendy Whitmore

It’s true what they say, you are the company you keep. The transference of energy from one person to another can be a powerful thing; yet also can be the reason you are feeling stagnate and can’t seem to shake the feelings of unhappiness and misery. I challenge YOU, my fellow Warrior Wonder Woman to rise up, move out of your comfort zone, break out of the cage known as “your norm” and choose to LIVE LOVED! Surround yourself with people that encourage your desires to experience new things. Fill your life with people that promote JOY and wish you nothing but the best. And walk along side those that refuse to allow you to sell yourself short by not going for it (whatever YOUR “IT” maybe).

T.H.E. iLove Me Experience’s “iLLuminate Me” Retreat is one of those opportunities to experience something amazing and be surrounded by people that bring JOY into your life.
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Founding Warrior



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 My Warrior Life Team

 Dedicated to supporting, spotlighting and uplifting women. “My Warrior Life” was launched to assist women as they journey through this Life.

Choosing To:

*Proclaim Their BRILLIANCE
*Triumph Over Tragedy, Trials & Tribulations, #InSpiteOf what they may come up against

“My Warrior Life” is SEEKING #InSpiteOf Stories to Showcase! If you are a woman that would like to share your #MyWarriorLifeStory or you know a woman who has an amazing #MyWarriorLifeStory that deserves to be told please email us at

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My Health is My Wealth
My Legacy is…
My Genius is…

Wendy Whitmore

Founding Warrior