Calling All My Warrior Wonder Women


‘Fill Your Life With People and Experiences That Bring You JOY & You’ll Never Worry About Being Happy Again”
Wendy Whitmore

It’s true what they say, you are the company you keep. The transference of energy from one person to another can be a powerful thing; yet also can be the reason you are feeling stagnate and can’t seem to shake the feelings of unhappiness and misery. I challenge YOU, my fellow Warrior Wonder Woman to rise up, move out of your comfort zone, break out of the cage known as “your norm” and choose to LIVE LOVED! Surround yourself with people that encourage your desires to experience new things. Fill your life with people that promote JOY and wish you nothing but the best. And walk along side those that refuse to allow you to sell yourself short by not going for it (whatever YOUR “IT” maybe).

T.H.E. iLove Me Experience’s “iLLuminate Me” Retreat is one of those opportunities to experience something amazing and be surrounded by people that bring JOY into your life.
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Wendy Whitmore

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