Rites of Passage Workshop 1/14/17 Carson, CA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
“On behalf of the Metropolitan Church of Christ Rites Of Passage program, we want to thank you for the outstanding presentation you provide. Your professionalism was shown through your personality, life experiences and tenure to be well received by our youth. We appreciate you taking the time away from your professional practice to travel the distance, to reach our youth and assist in our efforts to help them become outstanding young men and young women.
Lori Smith – Thompson  Coordinator

“Building Up A Better You” Youth Conference” 1/28/17 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Mrs. Wendy,
I want to take the time to extend my deepest gratitude and express my appreciation to you for flying all the way from California to Tulsa, OK to help host the youth empowerment movement. Your testimony of struggle that lead to you become the leader that you are today touches so many lives. Your ability to invite people who you may have never met into the most delicate and vulnerable places of your life experiences is a valuable gift that I thank you for sharing with all of your audience. This type of transparency you posses provides the perfect platform for truth and healing in ourselves then unto one another. The undivided attention your story demands provokes personal progress and growth by bringing the “swept up sorrows of yesterday” from under the rug to a place of refuge and restoration. A place where our light can be regenerated. Therefore, we all can rest in knowing that its not about where you came from but how you rose above and came up. It was an honor to work with such a dynamic woman.
Thank you Wendy,
Mecca – Coordinator

“PEARLS Rites of Passage” 2/4/17 Rancho Cucamonga, CA

At today’s PEARLS Rites of Passage session our guest instructor Sistah Wendy L Whitmore talked about the trifecta of self love, self care and self respect and the importance that Fathers, Father Figures and other Male Role Models play in the development of this in our girls. One example is through spending intentional and regular quality time with our girls by setting the standard for what a healthy relationship should look like. Wendy successfully captured each of the girl’s attention by speaking to and affirming feelings that are often difficult for our girls to articulate or express. Sacred Sistahs, Inc. and Immanuel Praise Fellowship proudly thank Wendy for creating a space of Truth so that each girl can begin a process of Healing to Evolve to the next levels of their higher selves.
Tonia Causey-Bush, President of Sacred Sistahs, Inc.