September 2017 Wendy’s Warrior Wonders will collectively come together at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa, to channel their inner warrior wonder woman! It’s a collaborative experience designed to illuminate each woman’s Warrior Life. We will inspire, enlighten, encourage, and champion each other to live our best lives. It all starts with the illuminate Me Retreat Experience! Get your Warrior Life Pass today!





Top Four Acts of illuminating

  • Show up, allowing others to see you as you see yourself
  • Light the “in-spite of” lamp: allowing it to never go out because you never give up
  • Gain self-awareness about your personal will to win, why, and how
  • Feel free to let your inner light shine by taking on the world with compassion, integrity and love



The Best Parts of You!



Your inner strength, compassion, confidence, & integrity.



Your Warrior Life and your decision to live love!


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